Mark Sclafani

Guitar Instructor

Moriah Cruz

Ukulele and Vocal Instructor

Mark Sclafani, from Brooklyn, NY, has been an avid guitarist for most of his life. Starting to play the guitar with classmates in the late 1950's at different high school dances, parties, and clubs, he took after his instructor, Sid Margolis, and learned proper guitar skill and orchestral styles Margolis used at NBC. After touring with rock group "Soul Survivors", Sclafani moved his guitar skill to the tri- state area and studied with the great Billy Bauer, jazz guitarist. He hopes to impart the long lasting love of the instrument that Bauer gave him. He now serves as lead guitarist of "Riddle", a jazz group diverse in music from the 1920's to the 1950's. Sclafani resides with his wife, Tina Sclafani, in Edenton, NC. He prefers playing swing jazz.

Moriah Cruz is an experienced musician and musical instructor.  Her musical career began in 1992, and she has continued to study music throughout high school and college.  In 2016, she began teaching preschool music, voice, ukulele, and piano lessons.  Her musical training and education is varied, and ranges from classical to modern techniques.  Her experience with young children is extensive and all ages are a pleasure for her to work with.  Moriah also has over 15 years of musical performance experience.

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Phone: 252-340-0970


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Paul C. Carter

Bass Banjo & Mandolin Instructor

Paula Pressnell

Piano Instructor

Paul C. Carter has performed in music for 23 years. He won a talent show with a banjo played in WI and even played banjo at the New Moon Cafe where a Johnny Depp film was partially made in Oshkosh, WI. He is a perfectionist that focuses on music theory and composition. Evaluation of new students is no problem for Paul and he can help you achieve your short term and long term goals. You want to start off playing something that's sounds good and fun. Paul knows how to write music by ear after noodling with a song you want to play. Good rhythm and counting is what you can expect as well after learning from Paul. So, you can count on sweet love songs or intense melodies of the Irish and classical. Paul's music style is classical and bluegrass. He excels in over 12 notes per second on banjo on average. That's not the world record but it's good. Paul will establish a curriculum specialized for each student and keep a file for each of them and will begin by writing new music off the top of his head. He has over 30 original songs and most of them are on banjo. Okay! Let's Play!

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Phone: 414-940-2980

To see Paul's Talent for yourself, click here!

Paula Pressnell is a pianist, organist, and choir director. She is currently in her 16th year working at Murfreesboro Baptist Church.

Mrs. Pressnell retired as an Artist in Residence from Chowan University in 2018 with faculty emeritus status and was employed there for 19 years. her duties in the music department included solo performances, accompanying all choirs, collaborating with vocal and instrumental students for all degree recitals, playing for voice lessons, teaching piano to music minors, and teaching music fundamentals. Students called her Mrs. P

She toured with the Chowan Signers in the fall and spring semesters, and performances took her to Italy where they sang at St. Peter's Basillica in Rome (2010) and St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin (2013)

Paula holds the Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Salem College and is a native of Sunbury, NC where she currently resides with her husband Larry.

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Phone: 252-333-5712

Chuck Harrell*

Bass & Ukulele Instructor
*Unfortunately for the Time being Chuck is not active

Chuck has been a musician since age 8! After piano lessons, he turned to guitar/bass guitar and was playing professionally by the age of 15. After study at Ferrum College, he has added musician, music teacher, and audio engineer serviceman to his portfolio. Chuck has toured internationally and has performed with groups as diverse as the Richmond Symphony and members of the Funkadelics! Current musical groups include: "The Significant Others", "Grovespot", "Brickwall Jackson" (in addition to being an on- demand recording session bassist and sub). Chuck also discovered ukulele years ago and now takes pride in playing and teaching it! He has taught thousands of lessons over a 30 year span with folks of all ages- 5 to 83- and all abilities- from beginners to pro's. It's just fun to learn!

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Phone: 804-306-7753

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